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Friday, June 10, 2011

annyeonghaseyo chinguyo !

smntre minhwa dtg nk g tuisyen jom kte share2 story jap . hee ~ happy sgt2 la . my card reader dh blik . g mne ? huhu . die g korea jap jmpe onew . haha . what ?? onew ?? aigoo ! npe g x ajak sye pun . xpe2 , nnt sye g korea sye x nk ajak awk ! huh ! *perasan la ka* yer . mmg la x istimewa sgt pun card reader nie . x dek la mahal mne an . tp klu x dek card reader nie , bosan hdup aq ! x leh nk wat msuk lgu , vid n gmbr2 oppa . hehe . sayang awk la !!!

haiyyok !!! onew dh mrah . sorry2 onew !!! i'm still love u la yeobo . 4 ever n ever . haha !

erm , k la korang . nk upload gmbr, lgu n vid dlm nset . daaa ~ ne annyeong smua .

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