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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

annyeonghaseyo chingu !!!

skli lg pic ukiss fanmeeting ? aish , x la . mne sme . yg nie time concert diorang plak . klu x clap kul 8 rse er . klu slah info nie jgn mrah . hehe . ok la . mlas dh nk brucap kat cni . so , jom kte usha gmbr2 nie .

*soo hyun oppa !!!!!!! i'm jealous !!!!

2 org skli ?? aigoo !! mlas la kwn oppa klu camnie .



*bfday spe ?? dongho , nnt celebrate sme2 yer ! hehe

*eli oppa , awk pun sme ???

*SHUT UP !!!

*kevin fans . wow , byk er . pe yg trtlis kat cardboard 2 ??

*yg nie x pe . sbb aq x ske AJ . haha

*ok2 ! i'll choose both of u ! don't fight each other anymore . chill ^^

*bingeul bingeul

*damn ! pgang tgn plak dh !!! how dare u oppa  =.= 

*eli , wow !!!!!!

ok chingu , done !!! hehe . dh2 . ttup mlut sume . nnt lalat msuk . keke ~ 
ukiss oppa : how dare u do this to me ? huhu . nnt klu ada fanmeeting lg sye nk g jgak . sye nk ddk kat oppa jer . x nk ddk kat audience tu  :P

ne annyeong ~

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