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Friday, June 10, 2011

oppa ,
mianei sbb ain x leh g fanmeeting tu . bkn er x nk g , nk g sgt2 . tp x ckup umur lg laa oppa utk ain g sne sorang2 . haha . nie 2nd time ukiss dtg malaysia an . and we're kiss me really appreciate u guys 4 coming here . stu je yg x best , kibum n alexander x dek . huwaaaa ! miss a lot la kat diorang . mle2 tgk man man ha ni , mata ain trtrik ngan dongho . aigoo ! mcm org mlayu la . hehe . pas tu ntah camne plak bleh ske kevin . haha . byk btul skandal ! then ain tgk ukiss vampire . toing toing ! kiseop oppa ahh , u steal my heart ! smart la oppa dlm ukiss vampire . soo hyun pun sme . mle2 tgk cam org tua . skli die tkar style rmbut die . haa , omo ~ hatiku sdah d curi oleh oppa . haha . curang >.<

one more time , mianei oppa ! nnt klu ukiss wat fanmeeting lg dlm mse 2 thun lg er ain g . of course !!! oppa , dtg umah ain la . kte g jlan2 ea . hehe . jom2 ! i'm waiting 4 u ^_^

saranghae oppa !!!! 

*berangan je la aq . haha . meluat ? lantak korang la . spe sruh bce . hehe . a'ah . bdak nie mmg prasan pun ! x tau lg er ? keke ~*

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