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Friday, June 10, 2011

annyeonghaseyo*assalamualaikum chingu !!!

what date is today , student ? haha *mereng sdah* yup ! mmg kim crazy + fever ari nie ! haha . sbb pe ? cbe tgk kalendar ari nie . bpe ari blan ? haa , btul r tu 10 jun 2011 . erm , ada pe ngan date nie ? korang x tau ? ish3 , xpe2 . meyh cni nk cte .

heee ~ nie la sbb er npe kim gle . *owh , rpe2 er psal ukiss !* sptut er ari nie kim ada fanmeeting ngan diorang . tp x leh g maa ~ x ckup umur . haha . x dek la . kim x bgtau lg pun kat parents kim yg kim nk g fanmeeting nie . tp kim dh tau jwpn diorang . haha . wlupun diorang akn tnye "nk wat pe g sne ?" tp kim tau the answer is "NO" . kyaaaaaa ~ i want to go la . :'(

yeah , nie plak detail psal fanmeeting tu . mrah er tket diorang . almaklum la , fanmeeting je . hehe . nk prgi !!! ada yg ckp wat kat pavilion . free er . waaah , best er ! rugi btul x g ! ok la , nk tau detail lg ? cbe tgk kat bwh nie :


TIME : friday , june 10 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
LOCATION : dewan wawasan, level 4 , tower 1 , menara PGRM 
no.8, jalan pudu ulu,  cheras 56100 kuala lumpur

haa , korang jgn plak nnt g hntr srat plak kat cni erk . nie hnye la skdar utk mnmbah pngtahuan am korang . haha *mnde plak la yg aq mrepek nie!* ok . yg nie plak kim copy+paste er . haha

This event organized by Redstar Presents and event managed by Marctensia. This event is expected to draw a huge crowd and public attraction after their debut trip in Malaysia last year.

The boys are excited to see their fans again here in Malaysia, and have promised to put up a great show for their fans this June.    

Apart from rendering songs featured in their fifth mini album titled Bran New Kiss, which was released in March 2011 and other popular songs from their previous albums; U-KISS will be getting up-close and personal with their Malaysian fans through a number of activities offered in various ticket packages.

ok la chingu . smpai cni er dlu . nnt klu ada gmbr2 fanmeeting diorang nnt kim post ea . ne annyeong !

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