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Sunday, July 10, 2011

annyeonghaseyo chingu !!!

hey hey hey ! lme x update blog an . hehe . bz meyh mngupdate mnde len (hw , blog , study) . don't worry ! i'll be back with many entry next time . so , tgas korang nnt just read the entry . okay ? ^_^

*mkwe lme die trgoda blik nnt . haha

wei , korang2 . prasan x ada pe2 yg brubah kat dlm dreamland nie ? klu ada yg x prasan 2 x dpt la den nk mnolongnya . haha . msti ada yg trtnye , btul ke blog ain nie ? hey , btul la ~ tgk url 2 . magicalkissmeshawolelf an . bg aq mmg byk kot changes dlm blog nie . header , background , template n mcm2 lg la . hehe . actually , jealous sgt2 ble2 tgk blog org len . cute2 sumenye . nk jgak blog cute mcm diorang . so , bbrpe prubahan dh dlakukan kpd blog nie . hsilnya , tadaa ! cute x ? *prasan jer* hehe . header yg len . background yg len . pndek kata , puas ht sgt2 ngan prubahan nie . tp still ada lg yg prlu d ubah . just wait n see :)
ne annyeong chingu...

p/s : mne lg ok ? template yg dlu or skrg ?

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