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Sunday, July 10, 2011

annyeonghaseyo chingudeul !!! #heebfday

firstly , mianei minhyuk dongho n teukie oppa (biased) sbb x wish pun bfday2 oppa(s) ari 2 . huhu , blog under construction . *nickhun n len2 oppa x pe x wish pun sbb bkn biased aq pun . haha . jahatnye aq ! wanna shout la today ! wae ? hey , it's my pretty cinderella prince bfday ! SAENGIL CHUKKAE OPPA !!!

yeah , it's super junior prince heenim bfday !!!

@heedictator | kim heechul tweeted [it's kim heechul's birthday , the megastar of outer space . pikachukachukachu ~ i first want to thank my parents, and also give thanks to all those who have shown me love . i will become a better kim heechul ! but even while saying this i'm stuck at home . just once , i wish i could celebrate my birthday with a girlfriend] i can be yours ! :D 

[it was supposed to be a funny picture , but i can't even recognize myself . but it's ok since i know i'm good-looking !! thank you ~ ] funny oppa xD

oppa !!! u r so adorable . u r always in my heart dear *kne kjar ngan pnyapu !!! haha . although u r old(28 y/o) but u r still cute n sweety !!! nak2 lg klu jd pmpuan . SO CUTE !!! we can celebrate together ur bfday for the next time oppa ^_^ 

i wish u have a happy day with other 12 prince . and i hope u'll get married when u r 33-35 y/o as u said . *with me !!! hehe . 
*melting !!

ok la chingu(s) . klu wat pnjang2 nnt oppa2 sye jles la . hehe . korang pun nnt jd bosan . ne annyeong all :)

p/s : SARANGHAE HEECHUL OPPA !!! i can be ur girlfriend as u wish and u'll not stuck at ur home . hee ~ *kne minx izin dlu ngan kwangmin nie !!!

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