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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

annyeonghaseyo chingudeul !

sdih sgt ble dpt tahu yg heechul n leeteuk kne g army 1 september nie . ari nie dh 31 ogos (happy national day :]) and esk mrupakan ari pling mnydihkan buat smua TRUE ELF . waeyo oppa ? andwae ! percayalah , lpas nie dh x dek lg keceriaan dan gelak tawa dri oppa yg slalu mncriakan hari2 ELF . seriously , fynn menangis time tgk heechul last performing stage , inkigayo .

heechul last performing stage without my siwon :'(
[kyuhyun nangis ea time 3:52 ? ]

terharu + sedih gle !

seriously , x snggup nk tgk smpai hbis vid yg nie . leeteuk trlmpau sedih . cian die nangis x henti2 (sme cam fynn) . 

heechul oppa , fynn tau yg oppa sbnrnye x nk mnangis dpn ELF an . oppa sorok kesedihan tu dgn snyuman . tp fynn bleh nmpk yg mata oppa dh brgenang time tu . time yg diorang peluk tu la yg fynn x leh blah . mmg fynn nangis gle time tu . i don't know y . ptah smngat tau nak beraya . 

Super Junior's Leeteuk and Heechul, both born in 1983, will turn 29 years old this year. In accordance with Korean law, they will naturally join the army at this age. In fact, the two are to join the army sometime between this year and the middle of next year.

However, according to a representative of SM Entertainment, while they are of age to join the army, plans have not yet been made for them to enlist.

Because of this, their fifth album "Mr. Simple" is expected to be Super Junior's last album in a while. Once fans heard of the news, they commented that they felt this album was more meaningful to them.

Since this could be their last album, Super Junior is planning a world tour.

During their August 4th press conference for "Mr. Simple", Leeteuk stated that as this might be the last album, they will try to promote their album for as long as possible.

Leeteuk also commented that as he is a Korean man, it is his duty to join the army. Although he has some fearful feelings, he doesn't feel highly pressured. He also expressed his hopes that his fans would patiently wait for their next comeback after the army.

Schedule for Super Junior member ENLISTMENT into ARMY:
Kangin= 2010-2012
Leeteuk-Heechul= 2011-2013
Yesung= 2012-2014
Shindong= 2013-2015
Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon= 2014-2016
Ryeowook-Kibum= 2015-2017
Kyuhyun= 2016-2018
After 8 years their going to be complete again

#i'll waiting for that .on that time , i am 23 y/o . LOL maybe i'm not married yet . hehe . 

i'll always love + miss + waiting you oppa :')

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