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Saturday, January 14, 2012

annyeonghaseyo + assalamualaikum chingu :)
eyt , i'm back wif my new entry ~ but it just same like my others post which were bfday wishes :( but never mind ~ i don't care if u don't want to read this . i can read it by myself . lol *kidding* ok ok ! sblum tu , fynn nak tnye dulu . x susah pun soalannye , senang mcm korang mkan kacang tu je . huhu . spe kenal LEE SEUNG GI , put your hands up ! he is an actor + singer + MC . aiyoo ~ x knal ke ? org ckit pnye nsem + cute korang x kenal ? ish3 , yg mne x knal tu x pe la . lpas nie x knal la lg erk . klu korang kenal kang rmai pulak yg jd madu sye >_< (kaw merepek ape nie-_-) . #dh tu , ape kena mengena ngan post kali nie ?# klu x tau , korang senyap ! meyh cni tgk sye jd MC mcm seung gi oppa teehee ~

Annyeonghaseyo ! Fynn imnida . Seung Gi oppa ahh ~ saengil chukkae hamnida . u are already 25th years old ! *not so old . haha* i think u are 29th . aigoo . u are younger than minnie oppa :0
first of all , mianei for this late wishes :( i'm too busy doing my essay yesterday ! so , i decided to wish u today . (at least , i wish it to you) . second , i wish u gud luck for this year + u will go to military right ? gonna miss u :'(

ohho ! oppa , can i replace u in strong heart ? keke ~ i don't want to replace u but i want to be with u >_v sekali pndang , muke die nak iras2 Lee Min Ho ! aigoo , are they Lee brothers ? ngee ~ mule2 fynn x dek la knal mne seung gi oppa ni . klu jmpe gmbr die pun just tgk mcm tu je . x dek feeling2 pun ! haha . tp ble tgk die dlam <Brilliant Legacy> , "eh2 , nsemm kott mamat nie !" kyaa ~ deeply in love laa ! pastu tgk plak die dlam <My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho> , adik fynn ckap mke die cam lee min ho . sah ! die ske kat seung gi oppa (gedik kau kan ? sekolah rendah pun x abeh lg) know what , tiap isnin - jumaat , die la org prtme yg bkak 8tv tu . smpai aq bleh berdialog mcm nie "eh2 , aq ke die yg gle korea skarang nie ?" tu la , ka ckap kat aq gle korea . dh ka tu , x gle ke ? tp dlam cte tu , fynn lbih ske tgk No Min Woo <3 kyeopta :D


*sing it to me eh :)

*dah ! die maen wink2 pulak dah !


*wif Shin Min Ah unnie


#jangan cakap ! saya tau die nsemm :)

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