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Choi Siwon + Kim Ryeowook graduations on 24 Februray 2012
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

annyeonghaseyo + assalamualaikum :)

hey you alls.. bnyak btul story yg fynn nak 4shared ngan korang tp x ksmpaian ! huhu . it's ok . jom2 kte smngat blek share2 story . btw , ari nie fynn mmg smngat dri sgle segi especially study ! ngee ~ why why ~

uwaahhh , who are they ? who are they ? whoa ! diorang dh graduate ! chukkae oppa ~ ehem , sape dh graduate sbnarnye ?! ohho , oppa sayangku //teroverplak// ! congratez for ur graduations :) finnally ,siwon + ryeowook dpat degree from Inha University . aishh , x lme lg fynn plak la yg bkal ikut jejak diorang nnt neh . hehe . but skrang nie fynn jd phD holder je //perasaanhasadDengki// . lol . fynn x sure la plak jurusan pe yg diorang ambik but jealous kott tgk diorang graduate -,- but at the same time fynn tumpang bngge + happy meyh . diorang bkan je super talented tp bdang plajaran pun diorang super ape ! degree lg youu ~ kau adoo ~

"FINISHED! Thank you to professors, assistant Lisa, seniors and all who helped me graduate with these qualifications. I have not been active in campus, but my heart is here. Lastly, thank you to all professors. I’ll never forget you" - @ryeong9

 //sy tau die nsem ~
"At the beginning of the realization towards bigger dreams in the wider world. Proud to graduate from Inha"-@siwon407

act , wonnie oppa ajak fynn celebrate skali graduation nie . tp fynn malu la nnt rmai sgt reporters + photographer ambk2 gmbr ktorang . ai x suke la //angan2sekejaptakmengapakann// ngee ~ yeah , this week fynn ada exam -.- and fynn rse mcm x ckup je wktu nk wat revision . tp dmana ada kemahuan dctu ada jalan kan . so , pndai2 la fynn kne urus mse spye fynn dpat graduate mcm oppa :) //bleh minx tlong oppa wat revision utk sye?//

//llaki sebelah siwon part pic ats tu little bit mcm heechul kan ;)//

cr : + allkpop
:: pndai pihak Inha wat graduation nak dekat2 exam fynn . bg semangat la kata kann :D ::

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