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#HappyNamStarDay :) | oppa neomuna saranghae > my beloved one !
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

yo ! come back again ! before that , klu korang rse fynn gedik ari nie //sesape yg kenal la erk ~ jgn slahkan fynn taw ! sbb pe ?! aish , bertindak mengikut arahan la (sye curi tagline ckgu hanis jap bleh ^^) . janji taw jngan mrah sye kalu sye gedik ;)

*nielah die antara penyebab sye gedik ari nie :)
omo ~ 12:04 a.m right now ! 생일 축하 해 woohyun oppa ! kyaaa ~ rasa excited mcm sye plak yg smbut bfday ! bfday si fake sung jong pun sye x excited mcm nih ! lol , opps ^^ oke oke . birthday wishes AGAIN -.-' so what i care ! yeobo sye pnye bfday , fynn wish la ~ hoho // kk , fynn dh nk start gedik >_< . aigoo , kalau ikutkan hati . fynn nak wish bnyak2 kat dlam blog nie psal yeobo ter'cinte' I nie :3 tp apakan daya , lappy nie hnye pnjaman skjap :'( fynn dh wish kat twitter die ! lalala ~ oh yer , lupe nak kenal kat korang kann yeobo tercinte I nie ! tp fynn rse better korang x tau la . sbb die dh jd milik seseorang ! lol :D 

my nam star ahh ~ oppa ! can't let you go , come back again + come back to me ! kyaaa ~ i'm going crazy right now . just imagine how i am if we celebrate ur birthday together ! aww , so sweet >_< please make my wish for real . i want the genie :D just love ur funny acts + ur laugh and i think i'm falling in love with you laa ! oppa , i can't stop thinking about you . you totally make me crazy with ur funniest act ! ommona , you are so so so cute ! btw , Happy Belated 21st Birthday my first love + beloved + lovey dovey oppa ! happy birthday my love . hundred kisses from me to you. saranghae :*
*yeah , that's why i love him :)

oppa neomu neomu neomu SARANGHAE ! inspirit + newclears will always love you <3 saengil chukkae !!

p/s : ari nie woohyun oppa sruh ambk mc >_< should i take it :P

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