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[PIC] | Super Show 4 in Singapore World Live Tour
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

annyeonghaseyo + assalamualaikum ~

  //mish you bebeh!

hey , cni ada x ELF from singapore ?! if u are please like neh c: ok kenapa fynn tnye quest simple dimple tu ? klu korang TRUE ELF msti korang tau en ^_~ fynn envy gle yg tramat sgt ngan ELF singapore //mianei ^^" last week oppa fynn g singapore ! kyaaa ~ asal diorang x dtg malaysia trus ?! kan dekat je singapore ngan malaysia . huhu . //jealousjealoujealous ! siapakah oppa sye yg brtuah tu ? of course la SUPER JUNIOR <3 diorang wat SS4 kat sne . nak pergi jugak ! tp klu ada pun SS4 kat cni , fynn x dpat g seyh //frustmenonggeng! almaklumla , msih blum ckup umur utk dlepaskan oleh parents . ngee ~ ptah ht brkecai x dpt jmpe oppa(s) :'( x pe la , mngkin kte bleh jmpe laen kali + having our first date //wahhh :D stakat nie fynn x smpat nk usha vid diorang lg . lgpun fynn x berapa nak suke tgk fancam coz trlalu bsing ngan jeritan smngat ELF . tp klu yg dh edit tu , insyaallah fynn tgk + keep replay n replay it :) now , dgn ht yg baik , tulus suci murni ini , fynn nak share ngan korang pic spam Super Show 4 oke . x suke ? bleh blah kau ~

Date : 18-19 february (saturday-sunday)
Venue : Singapore Indoor Stadium
Duration : 3 Hours
Song Perfoermed : 36 hit songs
//Shindong dances to Trouble Maker + Bubble Bop
//only 11 members come for the show
//oh yeah! my siwonnie :))

//what were you thinking , evil oppa ?

//my minnie minnie :)

//don't ask him anything! he's sulking with me :D

// when 9 boy on the stage . they steal my heart !

//zhou mi aka siwon twinnie c:

//hyukkie oppa

//super gorgeous neh ^^

//grandpa kyu + fake marilyn manroe

//he's becoming gorgeous boy right ;)
//yesung oppa freaking sexy :D

//you're my superman ever :DD

//superman performanced :)
//siwon oppa cheat on me T__T while Donghae cheat on Eunhyuk oppa >_<

//sweet je 2 org madu nie :D

//awesome ~

//angel leader [long time not to see you :'(]

//sorry sorry time :)

//a sea of saphire blue :')

//i want the bottle of water too >.<

//who is she ? he is minnie :)

//yeah ! minnie manroe :D
//kyu , min ,teuk + yesung

//and he is cheating on danghae now!

//wookie ahh >.<

//kyumin ever :)

//see! die trmenung sbb fynn x g SS4 :D cian die ~

//hyuk oppa , nak rampas takhta leeteuk ke :O

//eunhae :)

//7 of my adorable boy SUPER JUNIOR <3

cr : owner of these photos

wahh , byk x gmbr yg fynn share ngan korang nie? betapa crazy nye sye terhadap SUPER JUNIOR ^_~ ok la. korang pun mlas dh an nk bce + tgk post nie sbb pnjang sgt . hehe . essay sye pun kalah klu mcm nie :P
nie bru stngah je fynn share .act , byk lg . klu korang nak banyaak lg , find it in google , araesso ?!
ne annyeong chingu :D

p/s : nak p usha vid diorang plak >_<

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