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Super Show 4 Schedule | Malysia enlist ?!
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

annyeonghaseyo + assalamualaikum chingu ~

it has been a long time that i not posting here //eh,betul ke grammar nie ? hentam saja la labu// ngeh ngeh ~ ari tu fynn ada post photo2 SS4 kat SG en . ok , today i'll post the schedule . mmandangkan rmai yg tnye ble super junior oppa dtang mlaysia utk SS4 an , so korang usha je la schedule nie ok :)

//klik klik for the growth//

setakat nie je la ek yg fynn dpat . dh tgk , malaysia x dek an ? omaigad omaigad omaigad :O wae ? wae? wae ? oppa wae ?!! kyaa , malaysia x enlist ke ? sabo sabo ! bwak brtnenang yer plajar2 sekalian^^ fynn tau yang korang still x puas ht ngan schedule tu kann ~ act , phak malaysia dh mohon enlist tu n negara kte still dlam proses utk dpilih :) so , klu korang betul2 la nak g , bwak2 la brdoa byk2 erk spye malysia dpat lucky . tp kly SS4 ada pun kat malysia fynn still x leh g :'(

p/s : fynn dgr SS4 malaysia x jd ? is it true ?! OMG :O

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