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Sunday, June 3, 2012

annyeong and asslamualaikum semua :)
tick tock tick tock ! aigooo ! how long sye x update blog nie eh ?! kyaaa , pemalas betul la tuan tanah blog nie . ish3 , spe la die erk ?! huhu . ce tgk last post kat bwah tu ~ last update : bulan MARCH ! crazy kannnn ~ hoho . it's okay . now , i want to rajin2 kan my tangan to update n sapu bersih2 blog nie drpd sawang yg x dgunakan oleh blog yer . ngeh ngeh ~ ok , sempena nk m'aktifkan blik smula blog nie , fynn dh d tag kan oleh biebtory syaheera . fynn x sure plak sama ada die unnie or saeng . erm , pape je la . ouh btw , fynn minx maaf sgt2 kat bieb sbb chat die x brbalas n maybe die ingat fynn x lyan die . act , fynn bru blik cuti nie . so fynn x dk mse nk bkak blog n surf internet bla bla bla .  sbb pe ? wait2 , nnt fynn post share ngan korang k . kang sian plak bieb sbb trpkse bce pnjang lebar . so tnpe mlengah mse lg fynn nk join segmen nie because i'm forever teenfinite . spe nk join skali klik banner bwah yg cute lg awesome nie :D


[ANGEL and INSPIRIT ! i'm PROUD with it ^.^]

2.  siapa bias korang ? state individual fan name...
*klu state lbih drpd 1 bleh x ? hehe
[CAPpers / CAPtives / CAPtain and Chunsas (Angels) also Ljangs]
[Newclears and Hoyatics also Yeollipops]
*klu nk each jugak.... saya rela pilih :
[CAPpers / CAPtives / CAPtain and Newclears] <3

3. state reason kenapa dia jadi bias korang
*cinta kami perlu bersebab ? LOL
[they have good voice that can sleep me every night , wake up me every morning and the important is their voice can makes me remind of them ! they have such a unique voice which makes me jealous ! hehe . ouh , btw diorang cute gilakkkk !]

4. your favourite song or mv ?
*sume lgu diorang favourite sye ! tp nie yg pling sye suke n x jemu mendengar ... 
[supa luv , crazy , paradise , tic toc , BTD and the chaser] 

5. kenapa korang suka Teentop / Infinite ? at least 2 reason...
*i'm proud with you oppa :*
[first , sbb diorang ada suara yg best n sedap didengar]
[second , lagu and dance diorang gempak gle n menggoda hatiku ! haha]
[third , diorang funny and has good sense of style]
[next , of course la sbb diorang cute n nsem2 belake ! hehe]

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