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Monday, September 17, 2012

long time not update yeah ?! oh my , why i'm so lazy -_-" mianei guyz , really2 sorry ! but now , i'll keep posting because my blog has change it's new cloth and stuff . LOL maybe it will be hotstuff >_< omaigottt , what i have said :O just forget it =.=

ok . as i said , my blog has been renewed ^.^ is it nice ? i think it's better than before hehe ~ i need a lot of time and too many things that i need to change until i'm satisfied with it ! yeah , that's terrible // my habits ! never mind , stay calm and smile :) can u guess what was the theme of this blog ? haha . i'm gonna make it as MYUNGHYUN <3 it's combine from MYUNGSOO and WOOHYUN :D ouhhh , how creative we are (my bestie and me) LOL . yeah , we gonna make a new couple in infinite >_<

they both are perfect right ? just like me and najwa LOL ~ we'll always be best bestie forever even i'm far with her :') hope she never forget our precious memories ! hope all of u have fun to see the changes of this blog . dappayo ^.~

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